Does Hillary’s Wardrobe Clash With the Nuclear Codes?

By Kate Villa

As the Chief Political Correspondent for Fox, I hate to be the fashion police, and I know that she just won the democratic nomination and is the first women to ever represent a major party, but can we talk about her outfit please? I mean. Yeah you won, but did you really win if you wore an eggshell white pantsuit during her announcement speech on Tuesday night? Or was it cream. Can we say ‘off-white’ and get away with it?

I guess, if she’s wearing an off-white suit right after Memorial Day (seriously tacky. Give it more than a week.), then it really genuinely begs the question that matters right now. Is Hillary a summer or a winter? And which one would give money to Planned Parenthood? I would say that she’s probably a winter as many do refer to her as “the ice queen” and also her complexion is a little sallow right now – seriously, get some beauty rest. But it’s fine because her outfit would kill next to anything David Cameron is wearing. Barf. But she’s seriously getting dangerously close to Alexis Tsipras, and we all know how that turned out for Greece.

Maybe I judged too harshly. This pantsuit was cute, but if you’re going to go pants at this time of year, then they should really be linen. I mean, she needs to understand that some suits say “I’m a professional woman” and others just say “Let’s blow up Iran.” Just think about it, if she was going into The Situation Room in that suit and I was the Director of Homeland Security, I would send her ass right back to the residence to put on something way cuter before I handed her the nuclear codes. If you’re going to fry North Korea, you should probably do it in style, right?


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